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Shaving Guide

Wet Shaving Guide using the Daniel Rouah Technique

A number of men decide that wet shaving with a blade is more desirable since a close shave is achieved. However, it is not simply a case of using shaving foam, a razor, then washing the face with water. It is much better to follow a regular, suitable technique such as the one outlined below.

Shave first thing in the morning before food, otherwise your digestive system will be activated and your skin will be more sensitive. Wash face with a mild soap or a granular face-wash and water. The face-wash will help remove the layer of dead cells which cover the face and lift the hairs into an upright position. Pat dry.

Apply fragrance-free after-shave moisturiser to soften the hair and protect the face. Also a moisturiser will delay the ageing process of the skin and protect against the sun, cold weather, shaving burns, etc.

Then apply shaving cream with or without a shaving brush. The rotary movement of the brush will make the hairs stand up. Apply the lather to the beard area of the face.

Shave gently with a clean, sharp safety razor. Glide the razor in the direction of the hair growth using short even strokes, dip the razor in warm water frequently to keep the blade clean of hair. Change blade after five shaves.

When shaving never use upward strokes. Shave twice if necessary.

When shaving is completed, wash face with warm or cold water. Pat dry, then apply a moisturiser .

WARNING: never apply an alcohol based after shave after shaving, as your skin will inflame, because your pores are open.

If you suffer from razor bumps, acne or any skin condition, consult your GP. Bad shaving techniques can damage your skin. Keep razors out of children's reach.

A fragrance-free moisturiser can be used as a night cream, before shaving, after shaving and as a sun protector. It is perfect for dry skin and will delay the ageing process of your skin.

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