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To advise your client it is very important to know your products and their full benefits - in sales if you don’t sell it someone else will

Daniel can advise you on several ranges of grooming products to use and also which range to sell.

How to merchandise, display etc. during Daniel’s seminar he will explain each stage in the use of a brand.

Skin care routine for your client

How to maintain a healthy skin:
Mud mask
Face scrub
Facial moisturiser
Night cream
The benefits of a facial on a regular basis

Shaving Products

Pre shave cream
Shaving gel
Shaving Cream
Eye gel

Bad shaving Technique will damage your skin

Which razor to use
Electric or wet
Single blades
Triple blades
How often you change the blade

Hair products

Finishing rinse
Hair gel

Daniel will train your staff on scalp treatment which can be financially rewarding.

If you decide to formulate your own brand of hair and skin care products Daniel can advise you how to develop them, the products can be formulated under your own name in small quantities.


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