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The likes of impeccably groomed David Beckham and Daniel Craig may have made us aware of just how important it is for a guy to look good but celebrity groomer Daniel Rouah has been educating Planet Male about the benefits of a great skin and hair routine for more than 15 years.

Originally from Paris and with a celebrity clientele that reads like a who’s who of the business and entertainment world, including Richard Branson, Phil Tufnell and Chris Evans, Daniel is also in demand by a host of blue chip companies, such as Sephora, LMNV, Louis Vuitton and Gilette, who regularly seek his expertise to educate their staff on skin and hair care essentials. So it’s not surprising to discover that Daniel’s racks up more air miles than the average Premier football star.

As well as one-to-one teaching and training for salons and barbers that brings invaluable insight and confidence plus increases turnover virtually overnight,   Daniel’s brilliant presenting style lends itself to public speaking, in-store promotions and product launches: so who better to tell the press about an exciting new skin or hair range for men than a man who uses products every day and knows just what’s needed for a guy to look good and introduced the concept of waxing and electrolysis for men to the UK?

Daniel also has vast media experience with over 300 appearances on TV and radio,   and is also happy to contribute style and grooming advice to both trade and consumer publications.  As well as contributing to popular men’s magazine  Daniel recently set up a new series of grooming and barbering seminars which he is taking nationwide.

So whether you need styling or grooming advice or want to hear more about how Daniel can improve business prospects

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